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Thanks to SSHOTSS you can earn money and promote yourself quickly while having fun. It is the solution that the sports world has been waiting for, so that all photographers, pros or amateurs can connect with sportsmen and sell their photos to them.

Connection is the key to success!

What are the advantages and benefits of SSHOTSS for a Photographer, pro or amateur?

You don't need to know your clients personally

Thanks to SSHOTSS you can sell your photos to all the sportsmen you captured with your camera without having to know them. You know he knows

Anywhere in the world: there are no borders, you can use SSHOTSS in 170 countries. Sport is universal and so is SSHOTSS.

With total independence: absolute freedom, just respect the privacy of the subjects you capture (essential to avoid legal problems, the watermark is your insurance policy).

With total security thanks to PayPal, the leading online payment platform and the safest in the world, with 40,000 transactions per minute.

A tool that allows to serve a huge and still untapped market

80% of sportsmen and women do not have photos of themselves in action and dream of getting them.

30% of the world's population plays sports more than once a week... and they are just waiting for you to capture this unique moment that will not be repeated so they can buy it and share it on their networks.
How many stadiums, skateparks, running tracks, gyms, football fields... are there around your house?
Just go there, take pictures, show them to the sportsmen. If the spot (and its gallery) is not listed on, you can create it instantly, with your photographer account and inform the sportsmen that they will be able to view and buy its pictures on the platform.

Imagine the potential!
For example, out of the 60 million surfers in the world, 48 million are still waiting for their photos!

Receive your money immediately

SSHOTSS is the first global platform in the history of the web that :

Immediately credits 70% net of each sale of your photos to your PayPal account (in less than 5 minutes)

Pays all commissions (to your PayPal account)

No initial investment required

No initial payment or membership are required to use the SSHOTSS platform. Registration is fast and free, and you can start generating revenue immediately.

Save time

SSHOTSS connects you with the sportsmen and women you've photographed, saving you 70% of the time you'd normally spend trying to market your photos.

Eco-responsible platform

SSHOTSS deletes all photos 120 hours after they are captured to avoid overloading the servers and to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Join the sports community

Joining SSSHOTSS means becoming a key actor in the development of the world of sports, giving a new happiness to sportsmen (by allowing them to acquire memories of their exploits). Participation and union make the strength. This community will also increase your notoriety and your sales.Win win !



What can you do with SSHOTSS as a photographer?

We have several exclusive features to increase, boost your sales!


First of all, you need to register (it's free) and connect your SSHOTSS account to your PayPal account in order to instantly receive the money from your sales.
Set the date, time and minutes of your camera.


Activate your location to inform the sportsmen that you are there (and it will appear on the map on the homepage):

The sportsman knows you are taking photos or videos and you know he knows it 😊 : you are connected

You can create the spot yourself if it's not registered yet!


Take the best photos of ALL the sportsmen present without exception, everyone wants their photo! Whatever their level. Don't forget about the 80% of athletes who don't have their own photos and are waiting to get them.

Upload your content on the right spot

You can only upload "action" photos (see Conditions).


Place the watermark (blur) to protect yourself from plagiarism and to respect the privacy (not showing the face) of the sportsmen. This is your legal protection and your insurance contract: see the conditions.

Your photos and videos will be automatically sorted according to the metadata information of each content (date and time). They will remain online for 120 hours (after capture) giving sportsmen time to purchase them. Sportsmen can easily find them by entering the place and time (date and time) of their session!


When sportsmen buy your content:
Instantly receive 70% of your sales (max. 5 minutes)!

This is your new tool, instrument, personal and professional opportunity, that allows you to evolve, grow and thrive in the world you are passionate about.

Ready to get started?
Then grab your camera and give it all you got!

By activating your location, verbally informing the sportsmen and women on the spot to search for their photos on SSHOTSS, uploading good shots and using your social networks to announce that your photos are online, you will improve your sales.

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